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A simple guide to choosing the right indoor plant for you and your space

We know that is it no easy deciding which indoor plant to buy to suit your space with so many indoor plants to choose from. At Plant vibes, we want to provide guidance on choosing the right indoor plant for you and your space:

1) Your Lifestyle

What is your commitment level towards your green family? do you travel a lot and for a long period of time i.e. above 2 weeks? Consider a plant that is not only one you like aesthetically, but is also the right level of care you can commit to.

2) Placement / light requirement

How much natural light do you get? Where do you wish to place the plant (living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, balcony etc) Assess the light requirement at the specified location then choose the right green family based on the light condition i.e. how far the spot is from the window/balcony door, which direction the window is facing, what’s in front of the window (direct or partial light). Know your light level ie. bright light, medium light (when the plant is placed 10-15 feet away from window, low light (no natural light mainly on corners/dark room, foyers)

3) Purpose

Identify if you want a plant for aesthetic purpose or do you prefer plants that purifies the air? Will the plant make you happy? Or do you want your kids to grow up with something green because you live in the city?

4) Size of plant / Budget

Depending on your budget, do you prefer smaller plants or larger plants? Consider the size of plant based on the size of your space. Some plants are slow grower, so if you want a plant that has an impact on your living space, best to pick a larger plant

5) Living with Pets

If you have pets, does the plants have to be non-toxic?

You should always pick where you want to place your green baby, then choose which green baby works best there (plant vibes can help you with this!), not the opposite order that is when you end up with a green baby in the wrong kind of lighting.

Please let us know when do you wish to start?

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