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Monstera requires minimal care and fast growing so give it some space to spread out, make a statement, and thrive! As tyour baby grows, its leaves will develop long ribbons and perforations, resembling swiss cheese and giving it a tropical feel to your space. So if you like a plant that makes a statement, Monstera is your guy!! 

Monstera is native to tropical rainforests of southern Mexico and is extremely adaptable to indoor conditions. It loves bright, indirect light so next to the window is ideal but ensure no direct sun on its foliage. Since it thrives in a tropical climate, misting it occasionally will keep him happy :-) 

Monstera Pertusum

  • Light : Plenty of light or semi-shade, cannot withstand strong sunlight
    Temperate: Ideal temperature 18 - 22 degrees Celsius, moderate humidity (50 – 60 %), avoid air cond drafts
    Water: Keep the soil moist but do not allow the soil to dry out, give water once every 1 1/2 weeks and water thoroughly until it drips out of pot
    Fertiliser : Fertilize every 60 days but not within the first month after it is repotted. Reduce the amount and frequency of feed if you're finding your plant is becoming a monster and outgrowing its home too fast!

    General maintenance : Wipe his foliage with a clean cloth and water, and ideally give them a shower once every few months and he will be super happy

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