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Zamioculcas zamiifolia, commonly called ZZ plant or aroid palm, is an aroid family member that is native to dry grassland and forest in Eastern Africa. ... Flowers appear on mature plants. Flower structure consists of a spadix (erect spike of numerous tiny creamy white flowers) encased by a sheath-like green spathe. 

Zamioculcas zamifolia (ZZ_ / Zanzibar Gem

  • Best part of this species is that it tolerates low light, needs infrequent watering (maybe once a month), don’t let it sit in water, keep it out of direct sun and never use leaf shine. 

    Since it tolerates low light & dry air, it makes an excellent office plant.

    To sum it all up: ignore this plant and it’ll be happy.  


    For pet owners, please note it is toxic to dogs and cats

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