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Begonias are finally here 🙌 Yaay!!!! 

Recently we have been obsessed with the beauty of begonias and they are definitely hard to come by in this region. They add robust colours to indoor spaces with their stunning displays of patterned foliage. Rex cultorum begonias are known as the 'kings' of the begonia world

Featuring the classic Begonia 'fireworks'(begonia rex hybrid) is a real showstopper 🤩they have a black star in the center followed by a wide band of silver and lavender-pink leaf edge and black veins run through the silver band.

Begonia rhizomatous begonia erythrophylla, an early hybrid aka "beef steak, kidney begonia" because of her round foliage, with dark glossy green on top and burgundy underside. The beef steak is one of the oldest hybrid begonias still in cultivation, hooray 🙌🤩

Begonis "froggy" which is named for her reptilian looking foliage, has an unusual black netting over her green to bronze foliage


All the rex begonias prefer moderate light conditions such as east or west window. Allow them the dry out between watering and key is let them wilt a little before watering. They would require a well draining, porous soil mix. Best to pot them in terracotta or clay pot. Begonias thrive in humid environment, however rex cultorum are the more finicky one when it comes to humidity level, try placing them on top of gravel in a tray

Interested, please get in touch with plantmommy on DM insta page @urbanjungledubai or whatsapp +971529295085, only available in Dubai

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